Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The past weeks i haven't blogged, here is what has happened- Lauren and Annie came to see me! We shopped, went to Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor (water park), shopped, hung out, swam, shopped!! We had a total blast! Then on the 29th they flew back to Utah and i went with them! I am staying at my grandma Flo's and the rest of my family is driving and gets here today! haha lucky them! When my mom gets here i will have her upload pictures of me and lauren and annie! hopefully i get some more pics of my vaca too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls Camp!~

Well on Tuesday the 9th we left for camp! We went to Camp Langston in East texas. I was so excited cause this year we got to be in cabins! Well we actually ended up have my YW leader's husband bring up tents and air matresses for us! The cabins were like 10' by 12' and fifty two years old! They were infested with HUGE insects, spiders, and even mice! There were 3 bunk beds in my cabin and they were rusty and the matresses were about an inch thick...and they too were infested with bugs! So we stayed in those for two nights. We were just gonna stay in there tuesday night but wednesday night there was a tornado and it poured so our tents got filled with water. Wednesday night, we were all cooking our tin foil dinners when the leaders came on the mega phone and told us there was a very serious storm coming and we needed to go back to our cabins. So my cabin went to the cabin my mom and Jkru were in and we were all just hanging out. Then the sherrif came and told them they needed to take their cars into the barn. So all leaders took their cars in the barn and we waited. They they came on the mega phone again and told us we needed to all meet in the YCL's cabins. So now all the first years a hysterically crying and are freaked out! So we sprint across the bridge into the cabins. Then we all started singing church songs, and camp songs and everyone started to calm down. The priesthood was there and we were all praying for safety. The tornado ended up going around us completely when it was actually heading right for us. It was such a neat experience! You could totally feel the spirit and it was just awesome! So that night we slept in our cabins! That was the only cool night we got! It was abou 100 degrees the whole camp and at night it was like 80s! plus 85% humidity! But there was a big lake with a rope swing and slide! Our activities were way fun-crafts, archery, games, shaving cream fights, water fights, hiking, and testimony meeting! oh ya and i shot and killed a mouse in our cabin with a freakin air soft gun! it was HILARIOUS! Although we had one girl call us all "YOU ANIMAL TORTURES!!!!!!!!" hahaha she was very mad at us! but overall everything was fun...just the sleeping arrangements. oh and we couldn't flush the toilet paper down the toilets! ugh! so enjoy my pics of camp!

JKru, Mom, Olivia, me, court, Ashley, Julia, Emily, Natalie, Morgan, Jessica, and Kylie!
Me and Olivia "we are such cool cats"!
Our luxurious cabins
Me and Julia...this was not during the shaving cream fight just part of a relay
Our cadence
"We are here for inspection!" lol
Me and Lexie
Mallory me and Lexie
Gathered in the YCL cabin during the storm
Preparing to serve breakfast
Just a little dab on the cheek before the real fight!
Kylie, Me and Jordan

JKru and my mother

JKru and 3 of her million and one fans!
Sleepy heads!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

8th grade awards, pool, soccer, and more!

Sorry it's been forever since i have blogged! The past little while it hasn't let me upload any pictures so i figured there isn't really a point in blogging without pictures! So now it works and im happy! Last friday there was the 8th grade awards. I got an award for "Outsanding effort in Science". When i first moved here i got like a 60% on my first test. Now i have a 95% in that class so i have improved a ton! Last night (tuesday) we had a soccer game! I acually had a good game! We won 1-0! It was so fun! We have also had our pool done for about a month! I love it!!! It is awesome! Also Alec turned 12 and my grandma and grandpa petereson came out at my grandpa leish! we had fun and it was good to see them! So anyway... enjoy these pictures of my crazy texas life! Erika, Lexie, Me, and Meagan at the 8th grade awards Me receiving my award from Mr. Pearson Me and my science award

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ok i am getting really ticked now cause i just tried to blog again (almost a week later) and it still won't upload pictures! UGGGGHHH!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer time!

Ok so we've been swimmin in our pool for a little over a week now and have lots of pictures but they won't upload! I'll keep trying!!! Keep checkin in!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

17 again

Ok so this post is late but i saw 17 again! I saw it on opening night which was like a week ago but i loved it! Zac Efron is such a hottie in it! Anyway i just wanted to post about it! I recommend it!